How Pericoronitis Affects Wisdom Teeth

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Do you know the term pericoronitis? Coming from the words perio (for surrounding teeth) and corona (for crown), the term can be broken down to tooth crown condition. Also known as operculitis, pericoronitis is the inflammation of the soft tissues which neighbor erupting chompers, often wisdom teeth. When the soft tissues covering pearly whites do become infected and inflamed (regularly from acids or debris beneath the soft tissues), the mouth can become very sensitive to pain, swelling and fever.

Pericoronitis can be broken down as acute or chronic. While chronic pericoronitis deals with tiny or unnoticeable symptoms, acute pericoronitis is classified by intense inflammation, fever and pain, and occasionally abscesses may also grow. If pericoronitis is not treated quickly, the bacterial infection may extend to the cheeks, neck and other soft-tissue spots. To treat pericoronitis, our dentist will lessen the inflammation with medicines and improved dental hygiene or eliminate the affected teeth and/or soft tissues. We will help you recognize the importance of proper oral hygiene, including flossing, and the role it plays in averting lodged debris and bacteria from forming inflammation and abscesses.

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