What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

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You may already know that there are many different ways to keep your teeth in great condition, but did you know that root canal therapy could improve your oral health? You see, if you don’t get root canal therapy for a tooth that is suffering from an infected root, extensive decay, or that has experienced trauma, the affected tooth may eventually die. Once this happens, your only solution may be to have that tooth extracted and replaced. Fortunately, root canal therapy made great strides in recent years.

Instruments and technology have actually improved greatly. In fact, these tools have become more flexible, precise, and thinner. In other words, our team could perform your treatment much more quickly and more efficiently. X-Rays imaging and technology has also improved, which lets our team see if your tooth has been cleared out as well as it should be. This may also make your treatment more pleasant.

Still, even though root canal therapy is an important treatment, preventing the need for it is your best option. If you are brushing and flossing your teeth every day, you’ll be less likely to need root canal therapy. Please be aware that it’s also important for you to set up an appointment with our team once every six months.

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