What Can Dental Implants Do for You?

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Do you have a missing a tooth? Do you smile less, or are you less confident in your smile because of it? If you are looking for a way to restore your smile with a full set of teeth once again, we might be able to help you. Although there are several options that you can consider, today we would like to focus on dental implants.

What are they?
Dental implants are metal posts that are inserted in beneath your gumline into your jawbone surgically. After the tissues have healed, Dr. Shivaprasanna Rai can complete the restoration by adding the prosthetic tooth.

How do they work?
With the implants being inserted into your jawbone, they could be a sturdier prosthetic than traditional dentures. Additionally, the metal post can actually fuse to your bone through a process known as osseointegration, which may assist it in becoming nearly as stable as the tooth that was originally lost.

When the implant has fused, our dentist can complete the restoration with your customized crown that was crafted specifically for you. The prosthetic tooth’s shape, size and color is made to match your remaining teeth so that it can blend in naturally. You should care for this tooth as you do your other teeth, with regular brushing and flossing.

You’ll also want to avoid having a buildup of tartar with dental implants. If you have any other questions or concerns about dental implants in Stafford, Virginia, you should call Rai Family Dentistry at 540-657-0867 today. We would be thrilled to help you regain your smile once again.