Signs You Should See Your Dentist

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When is it a good time to see your dentist? When you have your scheduled six month deep dental cleanings is a good time, but also if you experience any of the following for prolonged periods of time.

–If you have pain in the mouth that persists
–If your gums are puffy and bleeding
–If you are having difficulty chewing or swallowing
–If you have dry mouth that doesn’t get better
–If you have a missing tooth
–If you have ongoing medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or are HIV positive
–If you are receiving medical treatment including radiation, chemotherapy or hormone replacement therapy
–If you have pain in your jaw when opening, closing or chewing
–If you have mouth sores that linger
–If you are pregnant

These signs and symptoms all indicate possible conditions which can be remedied by dental intervention, or referral to a doctor. If you have dry mouth, for instance, this can be caused by a medical condition like diabetes. You can also experience dry mouth if you are a frequent tobacco user, or as a side effect for some medications, including depression and anxiety medications, allergies, antihistamines or decongestants, and diuretics, to name just a few.

Dry mouth can cause problems because saliva has enzymes which protect the teeth and gums by killing germs. To increase your saliva stay hydrated, and possibly chew sugarless gum which stimulates the production of saliva.

Just as you would see your doctor for annual screenings and receive treatment for illnesses which arise throughout the year, you can protect your oral health and well-being by seeing your dentist for preventative treatment and conditions that arise.

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