Replace Your Missing Teeth With One of These Dental Products

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If you are missing one or more of your permanent teeth due to tooth decay, oral injury, or periodontal disease, our team is thrilled to tell you that there are ways you can finally replace those missing teeth and achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted! Those ways involve the use of one of these products:

There are two different types of dentures in the world today: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are meant to replace every tooth in your smile while partial dentures are meant to fill a gap in your mouth when you still have natural teeth remaining. Both of these appliances are removable and they can give you the freedom you seek in a tooth-replacement option.

Dental bridge
A dental bridge is a great product that can permanently replace your missing teeth without the need for surgery. It is made of two dental crowns and one or more false teeth and it is perfect for filling a space in your smile. Once it anchors to the two neighboring teeth in the gap, you will have the smile you’re looking for.

Dental implant
A dental implant is a beneficial product that can replace your missing tooth and its root. This treatment does, however, require surgery and a recovery period, but it does offer permanent and natural-looking results. The treatment will involve your dentist placing a small post in the bone socket of your missing tooth and covering that post with a dental crown.

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