Caring for Your Dental Crown

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If you have invested in a dental crown you understand that your crown is a big investment in terms of the function of your tooth. If you properly take care of your crown, it can last a very long time. Unlike your natural teeth, the materials in your crown are not subject to dental decay. Even so, you will want to take excellent care of your precious crown.

When you eat food, tiny particles and bacteria in your mouth mix and can form into plaque if not removed. If you take the time to brush and floss twice every day, you will prevent plaque from forming. If left unchecked, plaque hardens into tartar, which leads to gum disease and inflammation because of tartar at the gum line.

Once gums are inflamed, the gum tissue can pull away from the tooth. This exposes pockets in the gums allowing bacteria to deeply infect the gums around the tooth root. If this is left to flourish, bone material which anchors the crown in place in the jaw can be lost.

Also at the gum line, bacteria from tartar can work its way into the microscopic gap cementing the crown to the abutment. This can eventually cause the abutment teeth to decay or the crown to fall out.

Your crown is made from porcelain-ceramic material. When the crown was created it was designed to match the color of your surrounding natural teeth. Keeping that color is important, and you will want to be aware that using tobacco or drinking dark beverages often can stain your natural teeth over time, making it look different than the color and tone of the crown.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when protecting the life of your dental crown. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your crown, please contact our office at 540-657-0867 and allow us to help you keep your smile bright!