Are You Informed about Oral Cancer?

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Are you aware of what oral cancer is and how to stop it? Oral cancer is a very real and serious oral health illness that can cause severe health problems, including death. Oral cancer can strike at any age and health level, so it is essential no matter what state your oral health is into always schedule regular oral cancer screenings to check for the illness. For more information about oral cancer, consider the following:

-Have you noticed any rapid weight loss, a continual sore throat, or shifting and movement with your teeth?
-Are there any anomalies in your mouth such as bumps, lumps, or rough patches that you can see or feel in your mouth?
-Have you noticed any sores or wounds in and around your mouth that have not healed after two or more weeks?
-Is there any recurring numbness or loss of feeling in or around your face or neck areas?
-Does your tissue appear blotched or speckled with red or white colored blotches?
-Do you ever experience any frequent bleeding from your mouth?

If you would like to schedule your oral cancer screening or would like a comprehensive oral exam from Dr. Rai and our team at our dentist office in Worcester or Marlborough, MA, please give us a call at 540-657-0867. A better smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.