A Toothache is Usually a Warning Sign

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An ache or pain deep in your gums or within one of your teeth is commonly called a toothache, and is often a warning sign of a serious problem.

If the pain was caused by an obvious trauma like a fall or blow to the face, it may have damaged the nerve or root of the tooth. Get help right away by calling the Dentist as time is of essence in a trauma case, especially the avulsed tooth.

A toothache, where the pain slowly builds up and isn’t linked to any obvious trauma is often a sign of infection or advanced tooth decay. Or a cracked tooth.

Regardless of the underlying source you should call Dr. Rai at 540-657-0867 to schedule an appointment. If you can’t notify us for some reason, at least go the Emergency room as leaving dental pain or infection untreated can lead to serious health effects.