Dr Shivaprasanna Rai DDS in Stafford and Fredericksburg VA offers comprehensive dental treatments like Cosmetic Dentist, Endodontics, Teeth Whitening, Endodontist, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Root Canal Treatment, Bone Graft, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Third Molar Extractions in Virginia.
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Welcome to Family Dentistry

Establishing Healthy Smiles in Everyone

At Dr. Rai’s office a healthy smile is something we believe all of our patients deserve. Teeth are a central part of the smile and attract the most attention when you go out. We strive to ensure our patients can show off their beautiful smiles with confidence. The protection and nurturing of our patient’s teeth is essential to ensure they live healthy and happy lives. Our Stafford dental office aims to serve patients from Stafford, Fredericksburg and surrounding areas in Virginia.

Dental treatment is delivered from our dentist in Stafford, VA, to make an appointment or if you have any questions give us a call at (540) 657-0867. Dr. Shivaprasanna Rai is an expert in tooth restoration, Endodontics, and a variety of cosmetic dental treatments. Our principles are framed around the overall physical health and esthetics of our patient’s teeth which ensures healthier and more beautiful smiles for our patients.

How to achieve good dental health?
Our beliefs and our dental care is what differentiates us from other dental practices. We believe the best way to achieve great dental health comes from stopping the problem before it starts through early preventive care. This comes from regular dental check ups to ensure all teeth and gums are healthy and functional. We aim to spread knowledge on good oral hygiene and teach our patients the best strategies to encourage the prevention of dental diseases and empower our patients to live healthy lives.

Our dental care revolves around the ideas of making patients more cautious about their dental health. Patients get to learn more about dental procedures during the treatment. We perform each treatment with great care and a gentle touch giving more comfort to patients. Patients are received with great warmth by our staff at our dental practice to add to the overall joy of visiting us.

At Family Dentistry, our dentist takes care of every need of our patients to ensure better dental health. We reshape teeth, restore teeth if they are broken or decayed and beautify the teeth to make the smile more elegant. Our dental practice provides treatment under general dentistry, restorative care and endodontics. We have achieved great-looking smiles for many patients from both Stafford, VA and Fredricksburg, VA in our Stafford Dental office.